Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our New Little Girl

Welcome, welcome sweet little Sadie.

Abner's sweet little sister is as different in personality as she is in color.  Our vet, by-the-way, tells us she is not a calico, rather a tortoise shell. The difference is she has no white fur to speak of.  One way or another, she is simply adorable.

She is much more cautious and alert than Abner (who is all ready adding to the stereotype that orange tabbies are insane!)

Sadie is very vocal and doesn't like to be left alone.  She loves to be cuddled and will occasionally reward us with a very soft purr.

As she gets more comfortable here I can't wait to see how her all ready sweet personality emerges.

She was greeted by Abner, within seconds of her arrival, with a pounce and a thorough mauling.  She might be cautious but she is not timid.  Despite being only half Abner's size she is quick with her claws and liberal with her hisses and spats.  She doesn't avoid his attacks or even run away - in fact, like any naughty little sister, we have seen her instigate an attack or two.

And Abner, like all good big brothers, gives her a good thumping and then curls up with her for a nice nap.

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