Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello, Kitty

It makes me much happier than I thought it would to introduce you to the newest member of our family.

This is John Henry's new furry best friend, Abner.

John Henry earned the privilege of  getting a kitty when he was 100% potty trained.  We waited for several months to find the perfect kitty for him. 

You see, John Henry didn't want just ANY kitty.  He wanted one that matched his much loved, "Kitty."  Kitty (or sometimes Baby Kitty) has been his favorite snuggle buddy and bed fellow since John Henry was just a year old.  He pulled him from a bin at IKEA, of all places, clung onto him, and never let go.  (There are actually four Kitties, as we once lost the original and it was a nightmare for all involved - I didn't let that happen again!)

As you can see, Abner and Kitty are pretty close to two of a kind.

This little guy has all ready snuggled and swatted his way into our hearts.

He loves to cuddle, sleeps in John Henry's bed with him, and purrs very loudly despite only being a few months old.  It doesn't hurt that he came to our house litter box trained, either!

He is very patient with the boys, letting John Henry carry him around, and pouncing around Leo as Leo crawls after him in great delight.

John Henry is in kitty heaven and loves Abner with his signature intensity.  As I type this he is reading Abner a story.

Abner seems equally as happy and content in his welcoming new home.  Welcome to the Apple House, little kitty. 

And in a few weeks he will be joined by his feline sister, who is not yet old enough to leave her mama.  Link and I are believers that animals are happier when they have a companion of the same species.  Two dogs, two boys, three fish, fourteen chickens. . . OK, so things got a little out of control with the chickens, so we are back to just two of each.  Noah knew what he was doing!

If you haven't 'liked' us on facebook yet, come over and and see our page.  I post 'in process' photos of some of our projects there and you will also find a video of the boys loving on Abner.  (Is there anything cuter than a baby kissing a kitten?)


  1. How old is Abner? He is just darling, JH made a very good choice. Can't believe he is sleeping with him.

  2. I think I have fallen in love with JH's new kitty. I think I need one just like his :) !!

  3. We aren't sure how old he is, but not very old, probably about three months.

  4. Oh my, he's a cute kitten but he's going to be one heck of a handsome cat. Congratulations to JH on the new addition! I can't wait to meet him!

  5. Hi I have a question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back when you get a chance? Thanks!


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