Monday, May 16, 2011

Just One Corner

Sometime is the midst of chaos, you just have to have one spot, one little corner that looks happy and peaceful to keep you from going crazy.

Right now, the Apple House is in a total state of chaos.  There is furniture in all sorts of places it shouldn't be.  My front porch has furniture on it that won't fit in the house, the play room is partially filled with boxes and furniture.  I think a small storage unit may be in my future, or possibly enclosing our lower back patio.  Anyway, while I'm happy to have a plethora of 'junk' that needs a little AHR style love, I also get a little twitchy when all of my surroundings are crazy like this.

So a few days ago, this happened.

It's just a small space in this overwhelming world of projects that need to be done, but it is a small space that makes me happy.

This angle isn't as good, but the lighting is better and you can see one of my five hanging baskets (another post about them is coming soon.)

I hung my 'Welcome' sign above the door.  I love the contrast of the green against the brown logs and the red door.

I also created one of my multi-colored sign backgrounds for the "W", but it isn't a sign.  I have no idea what that thing actually is.  My friend, Sarah, found it in one of the junk stores we visit.  I asked her "what is it?"  She said "It's a W."  OOOOOOH!  Of course it is!  Who cares what it ACTUALLY is, for us it's a cool monogram for our front porch.

And I picked up this old rusted tool box (also full of cool rusted stuff) from a local garage sale for $2.00.  I cleaned it off and sprayed it with a clear coat to preserve the rust and also prevent it from rusting further.  Some potting soil and a few pretty flowers later and I am giddy!

And so you'll know why, here is the rest of my porch.  Actually it looks worst than this now.  I added an old table that needs to be reassembled and revived to the mess.  Yep, that is what people see when the pull up to my house.  Sad, huh.  I'm working on it, but in the mean time, I just needed one little corner of pretty.


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  1. That is one adorable corner!

  2. Glad we could be of help to redecorating the front room clutter. Sometimes there are no cherries in the bowl only pits.

  3. Love it all! SO welcoming. That W is freakin awesome and the rusty tool box planter is amazing. Great Job!

  4. A little pretty goes a long way!


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