The Apple House

This blog was originally started to document the renovation of the log house that we were living in on an apple orchard in Omak, Washington.  Leaving our home and friends in Seattle was very hard and I needed something to keep me busy and help me feel connected to the outside world.  Eventually, some friends in Omak encouraged me to begin a business selling the same kind of things I was creating to renovate our house and I named my business for the house, and for this blog.

11.5 months after we arrived in Omak we sadly packed up the Apple House and walked away from it forever.  Lincoln's job there never smoothed out (he was supposed to be working for the federal government and promises that got us there were not kept.)  We once again uprooted ourselves and moved to a little town outside of Portland, OR.  It is a rich agricultural area on the very edge of the greater Portland area.  It is growing on us, Lincoln's job is going well, and we are hopeful that within a few years we will once again find another farm house on an orchard or other land and continue our desire to make more work for ourselves that is necessary.  ;)  It's kind of our thing.  In the mean time, we enjoy the house we are in, love our boys and our animals, and settle into our new home.

Here are a few posts about the original Apple House.

Front Yard
Front Porch
Front Room
Dining Room
Upper Bathroom
Guest Room
Back Yard

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