Monday, February 10, 2014

Dicchotomy - Snow and Seeds

It doesn't snow often in Western Oregon - and I like it that way.  I grew up in Northern Utah and I've had my fill of cold and wet.

My boys on the other hand, think it's wonderful.

I did help build the fort though.  If it's going to dump snow on us, and strand us (the town we live in doesn't own a snow plow - so the roads don't get cleared) then I have to do SOMETHING to combat cabin fever!

However, I can only handle so much of the cold.

So, a little summer time prep seemed in order.  I got together with a couple of friends and we inventoried seeds -

Then places an order from my favorite seed site!

I've all ready picked up potting soil and just have to wait for the white stuff to clear so I can get our new (to us) green house up and functional.  As soon as the new seeds arrive it will be time to plant seeds!  I can't wait!

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