Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Bubble (Binky) Give Up - 2.0

When John Henry was a pre-schooler and the time came for him to give up his beloved Mimi, we made it as fun as we possibly could.  It took us five days, and it's something that he still talks about to this day.  (The photo book we made probably has helped increase his memory of it.)

You can read the five blog posts about the first Binky Give Up starting here.

So now that it was Leo's turn we wanted to do something similar for him to help him say goodbye to his "Bubble."  We started out by looking over John Henry's book and by asking him if he was ready for about a month.  Finally it was time.

Day One:  Balloon to the Moon

The first binky had a ticket to ride on a bunch of mylar balloons.  

 First Leo drew a picture for the baby we were sending the binky too.  Then I wrote a note for him.

 Enjoying this particular Bubble one more time. . .

John Henry gave him some support as he prepared for the launch.

A little sad as he thought about letting go. . . 

 and then up, up, up and away!  Leo told me that it was going to the moon to a baby who lived there.  :)

Day Two:  Baby Chance needs a Binky!

Another picture, another note. . . this one to his cute baby cousin who lives in Utah.  He saw a picture of Chance on my computer and we noticed that he didn't have a binky.  I asked if he could have one of Leo's, Leo thought that would be OK.

John Henry was really cute and supportive the entire time.  He didn't want Leo to be too sad.

Into the box it goes.  He was a little surprised when he reopened the door and found nothing there.

A few days later his aunt Erin sent a picture of Chance with the binky.  Leo was mad and wanted it back.  He got over it pretty quickly, though.

Day Three:  The Binky Fairy

Probably the least painful day, because he didn't actually have to physically give it away, plus candy and new trucks always help.

The binky fairy came while he was at preschool, took a picture of what she was trading the binky for, with the binky, then left a note and some smarties in it's place.

Leo was getting more anxious each day - so this was a good break for him.

Day Four: Sail Away

Leo was most excited about this day- and getting to go to "the beach."

We went up to Henry Hagg Lake, about 10 miles from our house.

He wasn't even sad.  He was very excited to launch his Bubble Boat.

There were mostly smiles through it all.  He did suggest we go out in the water to get it, but when I told him no, he accepted it.

Day Five: Bubbles the Monkey

The last day- and the hardest. 

He was able to go to sleep the night before without his Bubble, but didn't make it through the entire night.  We could tell he was anxious, as we told him throughout the morning that today was the day he would put his last Bubble into an animal, like John Henry's Mimi Doggy.

He was very excited when we got there.

After much deliberation, he chose a monkey for his animal.

He filled him up with fluff.

And then in went the heart and the binky.

A good air bath, 

and a birth certificate. . .

here is the binky free Leo for the first time with Bubbles the Monkey.  

He held it together through most of the week, but finally couldn't hold it in any longer.  He melted down as we left the mall- and promptly fell asleep in the car.  He went to bed that night, and the two nights since without a problem and without asking for his Bubble.

You are so big, my sweet boy.  I am so proud of you.  This was so hard, but you were brave and you did it!


  1. I remember your post when you did this when JH, when did our boys grow up?


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