Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angry Bird = Happy Boy

There isn't anything that can make me feel like a better mom than to see my kids delighted over something I made for them.

John Henry and I have been playing Angry Birds on Google Chrome together for a while now.  He can't manipulate the touch pad on my computer well enough, so he comes and snuggles up nest to me while I'm working on my computer and asks, "Mommy, can we play Angry Birds together?"  How this works is that I launch the birds at the place that he directs me.  Then we celebrate every 'hit' with high fives and "ALL RIGHT"s  Well, yesterday we beat the last level (3-20) on the free version and I was kind of sad.  I really loved my 15 minutes of Angry Bird time with John Henry.  I decided that I would preserve some of the fun that we've had in a different way.

Oh yes, my friends, I whipped up this Angry Bird last night.  John Henry helped me stuff him this afternoon when Leo went down for his nap.

John Henry was so excited.  Nothing makes me happier than this smile!

And nothing makes me giggle more than his "Angry Bird Faces!"

After taking pictures, we got to the real fun!


YES!        ALL RIGHT!       HIGH FIVES!

Just a bit about how I made it, in case some other 'almost 4' year old NEEDS an angry bird pillow.
  • I used four washcloths and some scraps of black fabric.  I thought the terry cloth would make it look more 'feathered'.
  • I cut out a "W" out of white for the bottom, again to make it more bird looking.
  • The beak is the corner of the yellow wash cloth, cut at an angle to make kind of a diamond shape.
  • The eyes were cut from the white wash cloth using a spray paint can lid as a template.
  • Irregular black rectangles from the black scrap made the all important eye brows.
  • I sewed each piece to the right side of one of the red washcloths using black thread.
  • Big black plastic buttons completed the eyes.
  • Last I sewed the other wash cloth to the first one, right sides together on three sides.
  • Clip the corners and turn it right side out.
  • Stuff and hand stitch the remaining side closed.

That's it, what more could you want?  Well, except an adorable boy to give you a kiss and tell you that you are 'his best mommy!"

Oh, and later in the day, John Henry climbed up next to me, snuggled against me and said, "Mommy, let's see if we can get THREE stars on all of the Angry Bird levels." Man, I love this kid!

OK, friends, I'm entering an awesome competition called Crafting with the Stars over at Sew Dang Cute.  Go on over, check out the projects,  and while you're there it couldn't hurt to leave a comment telling Tam (the blogger) that the Angry Bird Pillow is the most awesome thing you have EVER seen!  ;) 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Frittata, Custard, French Toast. . .

Every person who loving holds one of these,

and watches, delighted, as they grow into one of these,

has been very patiently waiting for the day that she sees. . .


Tiny, beautiful, perfect little eggs.  Seven of them in the last two days!  I feel like I have been waiting YEARS for my girls to start laying!  I even watched one of them lay her first egg yesterday.  She was a bit confused, but I gave her some pats and she happily went away to scratch for some treats, leaving me with her tiny little present.

This gives you an idea of how small the first little eggs are.  The smallest one on the left is the first tiny one my girl 'Twinkidink' left me yesterday morning.   The middle one is the largest of the seven eggs and the white egg is a large size grocery store egg.

Aren't they adorable?  What do you all think?  What should I make from our first precious eggs?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lulu's Bench

This little bench makes me so happy, just like my little niece, Lulu!  Girly and cute with a TON of spunk and attitude!  I especially love the yellow ruffle.  It's a little hard to tell, but it's a yellow gingham.  It is sewn to a piece of elastic and I found a whole roll of it at a rummage sale.  I LOVE it when I find two things at different places and I'm able combine them to create something super cute!

This bench would look adorable at bright red or yellow dressing table, as a dressing bench in a fancy walk in closet, or how I have it used here as a dainty ottoman or side table.  

Lulu's Bench is for sale for $40.  Email me at if you are interested.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Look

Hey friends, if you read my blog in a reader click through and check out my new look here on the blog.  It's a little simpler, incorporates my logo, and has a feel that is more in keeping with the business image I am going for.  Let me know what you think.  I know it's a big change.  Do you think it's too bland?

Monday, August 22, 2011


The critters here at the Apple House are all growing up and getting bigger.

The chickens are now old enough to start laying eggs,  We've only had one egg to date, but expect bunches of them any day now.

The cats are no longer kittens, even if they aren't full grown.  Abner has three mice under his belt and Sadie has one.  They both recently started climbing trees, an activity they clearly enjoy, as they run up and down, from one tree to the next.  It's a good skill to have when you live in an apple orchard. (no picture of Sadie, she wasn't hanging around while the camera was out.)

And of course my baby. . . who isn't much of a baby anymore.  We call Leo 'the giant baby,' but soon will have to change that to 'the giant boy.'  He is wearing 2T and 3T clothes, walking everywhere, getting into everything, 'talking' constantly, and generally charming the pants off of anyone he meets.

Yes, fall is approaching.  Harvest season is approaching.  Spring is over and my babies are all growing up.  Sigh.  If they weren't still so cute I would sob, but who can cry looking at all these beautiful critters and how much they've grown.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Awesome Sauce

I have a friend who says that a lot.  I like it.  I think this fork and spoon must be how you eat Awesome Sauce!

In case you can't tell, this picture was taken against my front door and these giants reach a good ways beyond the door knob.

If only. . . and if. . . and then. . .  these would not be going to Rustique Diva's next weekend, but would be staying in my kitchen.  I LOVE them.  But, alas, they are going, unless of course they sell first.

They are for sale for $50.  Email me if you are interested.


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Friday, August 19, 2011


I always tell you all the steps I take in a finish, however it occurred to me that I've never shared with you exactly WHICH products I use and how I use them.

Well, it's about time isn't it?

The first thing you should know about me is that I do everything on a SUPER strict budget.  I can't and don't pay for specialty paint products.

I rarely tell you what color the paint I'm using is because I simply don't know.  I almost always mix my own paint colors from paint found in the "oops" section at Home Depot.  I check every time I am there (sometimes several times per week) and have eventually amassed a pretty good collection of sample colors at $.50/ each along with quite a few gallons at $5.00 each.  That is a great deal more affordable than $20-30/ gallon.

I don't only buy colors I like.  I always try to have representation from each color of the rainbow.  For instance, I just bought a green that was almost florescent it was so bright.  Then I mixed it with some blue, some gray, and some red to get a very pretty shade of turquoise.

Now, I have had the great fortune of having a artist for a mother.  I was in art classes before I knew how to swim.  The color wheel is just part of my brain.  If you want to mix colors, learn about the color wheel and how to combine colors.  There are a lot of great websites that you can learn how to mix two or more colors to get the colors (or close to the colors) that you are looking for.
 I mixed the blue-green color I used on this dresser from a bright green, a bright blue, a bit of red and some gray.

The next step is often a glaze.  Here's my secret on glaze.  Don't have the paint store tint it for you.  For me it's too limiting to only have one color of glaze.  A tiny bit of glaze goes a long way, so it doesn't make sense to me to have a quart of black and nothing else.  I bought a gallon of the beloved Ralph Lauren Glaze Medium when it was discontinued.  (Don't hate me I only paid $4.00 for it - wahoo!)  I didn't have it tinted.  I do that myself.

 You know, we DIY everything else, why not this?

I mix small amounts of the paint color I want in with about a half cup of glaze medium.  Yes, it dilutes the color some, but for me, that doesn't matter that much when it comes to glazing.  I also love that I can control how thick the glaze is.

The Gentleman's Chair is an example of using a thicker glaze to get more coverage on flat surfaces.

I also use stains a lot, both on raw wood and also over paint.  I don't have a real preference on brand, but did discover that outdoor stains are less transparent than Minwax stains and can even be opaque.  They also come in a wide range of colors.  That discovery dramatically increased the looks I can get with stain.

This Farmhouse Chair is an example of using stain over paint to get a different kind of aged look.

And last by not least, my very favorite secret.

You often hear me (and other bloggers) say that they finished off a piece with a dark wax.  Usually other bloggers are talking about Hannant's Finishing Wax or Annie Sloan's Soft Wax (which are actually the same thing sold under two names.)   I am not.  I can not afford $25.00 plus shipping for a 500ml tin.  Again, I make my own dark wax.

I really love SC Johnson Paste Wax.  It's nice and soft, goes on smooth, and buffs beautifully.  It only comes in clear, though.  Not a problem, I simply add about a tablespoon of a Minwax stain to the tin (I generally us Provincial, I like the color.)  It is a bit of a mess to mix it up, but it works like a dream, and my Home Depot sells a tin of this for about $6.00.  Don't look for it in the paint section, though.  You'll find it in the floor cleaning section.  

The Sweet Green Desk is an example of a piece I've finished with a dark wax.  In this case I brushed it on in a swirling pattern, let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then buffed it with a cloth diaper.  (They are awesome for buffing.)

Well, there you go, all my 'secrets'.  Well, most of the anyhow. . .   I have a few more I'm saving up for a rainy day, or maybe for Post Secret. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sweet Green Desk

I've had several comments on the sweet green desk in this photo.

Well, now that you have seen her all dressed up would you care to take a better look at her?

First how about a 'BEFORE' picture.  I will pause for a collective gasp.  Yes, I actually remembered to take a few before shots.  I knew this was one that was not to be missed.

Isn't she sad looking?  Someone had beat her up to within and an inch of survival.  There were even latches installed on the bottom drawers to allow a lock to be put on them.  But this girl was well built and a survivor.  Nothing that a screwdriver, some wood putty, and a date with the sander couldn't fix.

If the general beating weren't insult enough, someone had also spray painted her this bright green.  It's not a horrible color, but it was a horrible paint job.  I was happy for the chance to save her!

She is a lovely green color.  Almost exactly the color of the sour summer apples I picked earlier today!

I glazed her is a soft buttery yellow.

The hardware was repainted the same soft yellow.

I gave her a light distressing around the edges, a little heavier on the drawers and a good coat of dark wax.

Now she's ready for her new home!  I can see her in a blogger's office with a laptop and some pretty decoration for added inspiration!

She is for sale for $180.  I can arrange delivery almost anywhere in WA state, parts of ID and OR.  Otherwise the buyer pays shipping costs.


If you like what you see, please consider following us.  We do a lot of furniture refinishing.

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Mason Jar Fixture

Some of you may know that I'm a bit of a lamp junkie. 

Well, I've been trying to um 'treat' that problem by selling some of my lamps.  This doesn't seem to be working very well, instead, I find myself buying more lamps because i tell myself, "welllllll.  I can just sell another one."  Sigh.

Anyway, here is one that i actually intended to go in my bedroom, but because all projects for the Apple House have been put on hold (again, more on that soon, I promise) and I had a friend who saw it and loved it just as much as I do, I decided it was better it go in her dining room that sit in my workshop collecting dust indefinitely. 

My friend is a Mason jar fanatic.  Even her kitchen glasses are Mason jars.  I think this fixture was meant for her, and really, who am I to argue with fate?  I can't wait to see it installed in her dining room!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

There's a doily in my truck. . .

Rust in the new black.

I'm gettin' it!

What an incredibly fun time we had at The Vintage Round Up!  Those are some of the 'themes' of the week.  I had such a great time getting to know and working with my new friends, Ann of Pink Pony Pickers, Rhonda of Rustic and Re-fined, Summer of Modern Vintage, and Teresa of Teresa Sheeley Design Studio.  (Be sure to check out Teresa's Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful original art!)

We were delighted at the support from Omak locals and visitors to the Omak Stampede as well!

Here are some pictures of some of my items that were part of the Round Up.  You can check out the facebook page we created for the Vintage Round Up to see some of the other ladies' amazing items and displays.

This was one of my favorite corners in my area.  This sweet little desk is one of the many pieces of furniture that you haven't seen here yet.  I just haven't had time to photograph and blog about everything I've been doing.  I loved how this turned out though and hopefully I'll find time to blog about it soon.

After the first day I went through my house and pulled out a lot of my own decor items.  I felt like it was time for a new start (more about that soon.)  Do you recognize this little bird?  She's been sitting on my mantle for nearly a year.  She found a new home with Rhonda!

 Another furniture blog post coming soon (hopefully!)  I found a pair of these chairs just a few days before the show started.  I couldn't resist them, though!  The other one is covered in black fabric w/ white polka-dots!

Oh my, I LOVE this kitty!  She is a very heavy, but small door stopper.  

And another of my own items making it to the Round Up!  Buttons, branches, and burlap!

The front table was a happy display of vintage kitchen wares including a bunch of colored vintage pyrex!  I LOVE this stuff!

And "Not Sarah's Table" hadn't found her owner as of yesterday evening, but she did make a pretty display piece for some vintage tea tins, an old film canister, and some other neat things.

I think I have a few more photos on my camera, still.  I have yet ANOTHER show coming up in two weeks, though.  Hopefully I'll find a little more blogging time in the next few days, but after two weeks of LONG days full of hard work I'm putting some relaxing time and time with my boys at the top of my to-do list!

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