Monday, August 15, 2011

There's a doily in my truck. . .

Rust in the new black.

I'm gettin' it!

What an incredibly fun time we had at The Vintage Round Up!  Those are some of the 'themes' of the week.  I had such a great time getting to know and working with my new friends, Ann of Pink Pony Pickers, Rhonda of Rustic and Re-fined, Summer of Modern Vintage, and Teresa of Teresa Sheeley Design Studio.  (Be sure to check out Teresa's Etsy shop where she sells her beautiful original art!)

We were delighted at the support from Omak locals and visitors to the Omak Stampede as well!

Here are some pictures of some of my items that were part of the Round Up.  You can check out the facebook page we created for the Vintage Round Up to see some of the other ladies' amazing items and displays.

This was one of my favorite corners in my area.  This sweet little desk is one of the many pieces of furniture that you haven't seen here yet.  I just haven't had time to photograph and blog about everything I've been doing.  I loved how this turned out though and hopefully I'll find time to blog about it soon.

After the first day I went through my house and pulled out a lot of my own decor items.  I felt like it was time for a new start (more about that soon.)  Do you recognize this little bird?  She's been sitting on my mantle for nearly a year.  She found a new home with Rhonda!

 Another furniture blog post coming soon (hopefully!)  I found a pair of these chairs just a few days before the show started.  I couldn't resist them, though!  The other one is covered in black fabric w/ white polka-dots!

Oh my, I LOVE this kitty!  She is a very heavy, but small door stopper.  

And another of my own items making it to the Round Up!  Buttons, branches, and burlap!

The front table was a happy display of vintage kitchen wares including a bunch of colored vintage pyrex!  I LOVE this stuff!

And "Not Sarah's Table" hadn't found her owner as of yesterday evening, but she did make a pretty display piece for some vintage tea tins, an old film canister, and some other neat things.

I think I have a few more photos on my camera, still.  I have yet ANOTHER show coming up in two weeks, though.  Hopefully I'll find a little more blogging time in the next few days, but after two weeks of LONG days full of hard work I'm putting some relaxing time and time with my boys at the top of my to-do list!

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