Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Angry Bird = Happy Boy

There isn't anything that can make me feel like a better mom than to see my kids delighted over something I made for them.

John Henry and I have been playing Angry Birds on Google Chrome together for a while now.  He can't manipulate the touch pad on my computer well enough, so he comes and snuggles up nest to me while I'm working on my computer and asks, "Mommy, can we play Angry Birds together?"  How this works is that I launch the birds at the place that he directs me.  Then we celebrate every 'hit' with high fives and "ALL RIGHT"s  Well, yesterday we beat the last level (3-20) on the free version and I was kind of sad.  I really loved my 15 minutes of Angry Bird time with John Henry.  I decided that I would preserve some of the fun that we've had in a different way.

Oh yes, my friends, I whipped up this Angry Bird last night.  John Henry helped me stuff him this afternoon when Leo went down for his nap.

John Henry was so excited.  Nothing makes me happier than this smile!

And nothing makes me giggle more than his "Angry Bird Faces!"

After taking pictures, we got to the real fun!


YES!        ALL RIGHT!       HIGH FIVES!

Just a bit about how I made it, in case some other 'almost 4' year old NEEDS an angry bird pillow.
  • I used four washcloths and some scraps of black fabric.  I thought the terry cloth would make it look more 'feathered'.
  • I cut out a "W" out of white for the bottom, again to make it more bird looking.
  • The beak is the corner of the yellow wash cloth, cut at an angle to make kind of a diamond shape.
  • The eyes were cut from the white wash cloth using a spray paint can lid as a template.
  • Irregular black rectangles from the black scrap made the all important eye brows.
  • I sewed each piece to the right side of one of the red washcloths using black thread.
  • Big black plastic buttons completed the eyes.
  • Last I sewed the other wash cloth to the first one, right sides together on three sides.
  • Clip the corners and turn it right side out.
  • Stuff and hand stitch the remaining side closed.

That's it, what more could you want?  Well, except an adorable boy to give you a kiss and tell you that you are 'his best mommy!"

Oh, and later in the day, John Henry climbed up next to me, snuggled against me and said, "Mommy, let's see if we can get THREE stars on all of the Angry Bird levels." Man, I love this kid!

OK, friends, I'm entering an awesome competition called Crafting with the Stars over at Sew Dang Cute.  Go on over, check out the projects,  and while you're there it couldn't hurt to leave a comment telling Tam (the blogger) that the Angry Bird Pillow is the most awesome thing you have EVER seen!  ;) 


  1. I am DYING from the cuteness over here! JH, you are the bestest and you are so very lucky to have such an awesome mama!

  2. Love the pillow, it's so stinking cute!

    What a lucky little man.

  3. This is great--super easy and awesome! Fabulous tutorial! Best of luck at the Crafting with the stars! :)

  4. Adorable. What kid (ahem or adult) wouldn't want one! And I love how you made a real life version of the game. You need to make more and include those pesky pigs! Very creative!

  5. This is KILLER! My boys ( HUSBAND) would die!!


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