Monday, August 29, 2011

Frittata, Custard, French Toast. . .

Every person who loving holds one of these,

and watches, delighted, as they grow into one of these,

has been very patiently waiting for the day that she sees. . .


Tiny, beautiful, perfect little eggs.  Seven of them in the last two days!  I feel like I have been waiting YEARS for my girls to start laying!  I even watched one of them lay her first egg yesterday.  She was a bit confused, but I gave her some pats and she happily went away to scratch for some treats, leaving me with her tiny little present.

This gives you an idea of how small the first little eggs are.  The smallest one on the left is the first tiny one my girl 'Twinkidink' left me yesterday morning.   The middle one is the largest of the seven eggs and the white egg is a large size grocery store egg.

Aren't they adorable?  What do you all think?  What should I make from our first precious eggs?


  1. Oh my...we're living parallel lives...our chickens started laying a couple weeks ago and I was SOOOOOo excited...totally took video :) What breed is your girl there? She's pretty...

  2. I have THE best chocolate souffle recipe and a creme brulee recipe- one uses seven egg white, the other six egg yolks. Nothing gets wasted. I make them both at the same time. I'll email them to you. :)


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