Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten years, one decade, 1/10th of a century

Link and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this month (late, actually, we were married in April, but schedules happen.)

A friend who was married just a few days after us posted something like this. . . here is my version.

10 years, 9 beach trips, 8 years in school, 7 years in Seattle, 6 years in our first house, 5 moves, 4 college degrees, 3 vehicles, 2 adorable babies, 1 happy couple.

We moved oceans and mountains to get away for a short weekend sans kids. (Including staying up until 2 am the day before we left to finish the chicken coop because we couldn't leave chickens in our house while we were gone!)  We are super grateful to our friends, the Laws, for being willing to add our two mini monsters to their all ready full house.  John Henry keeps asking when he can go back, he had a ball, and I imagine Leo did too judging by how unexcited he was to see us!

The view from our balcony.

We drove an hour to Lake Chelan and stayed at the charming Campbell's Resort.  This isn't our usual style, a resort, we are lovers of the intimate bed and breakfast setting, but we had enough points earned through for a good portion of our stay to be covered, so in the interest of saving money, we went for it.  We were pleasantly surprised and would love to take the kids back there.  There was a kitchenette in the room and a grocery store across the street, so we were able to eat in for a few of our meals.  The amenities are also very family focused, and the beaches look like they would be a ball with kids.

And the other direction.

The room was very nice.  This is the only picture I took of it because we slept in/lounged about so long that room service skipped us for the day and I didn't feel like making the bed.  SO THERE!!!!  :)  You can do stuff like that when you are on vacation w/out kids!  I really liked the curtains and the lamp, and you can't really tell from this photo, but I like the mix of modern and rustic elements.  My only complaint was that there wasn't a big bathtub, and even the little bathtub didn't hold water very well.  I REALLY wanted a nice, hot, UNINTERRUPTED bath.  Well, at least it was uninterrupted, which is better than I would get at home.

And of course, where ever I go I seek out two kinds of places.  1. Yarn stores (there isn't one, but there is a great fabric store -LOVE)  2. Thrift and or Antique stores.  The antique store was closed, but the Habitat for Humanity Thrift store was open.  They had some nice things, but we were limited by the $12 in cash Link had in his wallet.  This treasure is what we walked away with.  Isn't it amazing?  It even has the original tools to put a door knob and dead bolt into a door still in it.

The best part about the trip?  Link and I discovered that when we aren't exhausted, over worked, stressed out, etc.  We still really like each other and can even have intelligent adult conversations still.  Amazing!


  1. Happy Anniversary! We love Lake Chelan, and go there every summer. Campbells is a really nice place! I'm glad you had fun.

  2. You are so funny. Congratulations on ten years, and *so* much living!!!

    I love it that you "still really like each other...", but you and I have had that conversation before. :-)

    It'll be our ten years this August. Hooray for happy marriages!

  3. Happy 10 year anniversary! Glad you got the chance to get away!


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