Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sleek and Shabby

This is the only piece of furniture that I refinished for the Vintage Faire that didn't sell. I think it was because we were displaying so many beautiful things on it that people didn't notice it.

She is a mid-century girl with those fun vintage (Jetson-esque) legs.  I sanded the topped, stained it in "ebony" a deep rich brown, and then rubbed it out to give it an uneven finish that shows off the wood grain more than a solid stain in such a dark color would.  I then finished it off with high gloss polyurethane for a bit of sophistication.

Her legs are painted a heirloom white, distressed, and then the same stain as I used on top was rubbed all over the legs to give her some age, interest and distinction.

A beautiful marriage of modern and rustic.  She is still for sale for $100.00.  I can deliver her to Seattle this weekend if someone needs me too.

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