Friday, June 3, 2011

At Long Time Waiting

Last month my parents came to visit the Apple House for the first time.  They pulled up a trailer full of goodies for me and got all my crap out of their storage - you know, since I moved out of their house 14 years ago.

Among the treasures they brought me was a sad little night stand that was in pieces.  My parents had acquired it some (decades? mom?) ago with the intent to refinish it, but never got to it.  Well, at least as far as this dresser in concerned, I was happy to be the Solomon to my parents' David (which is actually my dad's name.)

The top and the drawer front were pieced back together, stained with Minwax's 'Provincial'.  I don't know what kind of wood it is, but the stain brought out all of the beautiful variation in the wood and is just beautiful.  A coat of clear wax made it shine.

The body and the shelf were painted a pretty light artichoke color that I mixed myself.

I then distressed the paint and glazed everything with a light brown glaze.

I just love the details on this nightstand.

The trim going up from the body to meet the beveled edge of the top is such a nice touch.

The legs are what make this piece hard for me to give up.  They are just so charming.

Well, Mom and Dad, what do you think?  After 30 or so years of waiting for a makeover did I do it justice?  Do you think it's happy to finally have a new look?

This beauty is for sale.  It will be going to my new space at Apple Annie's in Cashmere, WA.  Yep, that's right, I'm making myself official!  I'll post more information about that soon.  For those Washingtonians out there who have no idea where Cashmere is. . . I didn't. . . . It's half way between Leavenworth and Wentachee.  If you're headed to Chelan you drive right by it!  So stop by on your way too or from your summer adventures.  It's one of two very large antique malls right together.  It really is an antique treasure wonderland.

I'm sharing this over at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Friday, Restore Interiors' Restored it Wednesday 


  1. It's beautiful! Congrats on your new space, Megan!

  2. My grandparents live in Cashmere! I love it there. How awesome that you have a space at a store there! Go you!

  3. It turned out wonderful, I need to learn from you how to distress and glaze found items as I always just paint them. Hope things are great, it was so good to see you last week!

  4. Well that is a nice story, but the nightstand wasn't ours. It actually belonged to Crystal. LOL Sorry, we didn't provide full disclosure of several items, they just jumped in the trailer. You did a beautiful job on it I love the contrasts. And it may be walnut.

  5. Sarah- Thanks! Now you have a really good excuse to stop there and I have a good excuse to meet you there!

    Megan - call me the next time you are going over to see them. I'd love to see you!

    Melanie - Come on up anytime. I'll show you what I do.

    Mom- Ahahahahah! That's hysterical. I thought Dad told me that he had been meaning to refinish it but had never gotten to it. Where did Crystal get it from, do you know? Does she even know that it now belongs to me? - well for a little while anyway.

  6. gorgeous! i love that you left the drawer front natural. so pretty.

  7. So cute! You did a great job giving new life to this very charming little nightstand. Hope you get to keep it and mom and dad don't take it back home with them:)


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