Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun

Well, we haven't had much of a summer here yet, but we aren't ones to let a little thing like unusually low temperatures keep us down.

I'm not much of a camper.  I like to sleep in my own bed.  I do love being outdoors, though, and I love food cooked over an open fire.  Well, one of the benefits to living in the middle of nowhere is that you can just pull some weeds out of the weed patch, pile up some rocks in a ring, and build a fire.

John Henry thinks roasting a hot dog over a fire is the best thing EVER!  (And yes, that is my boy wearing a winter coat out on a 65* night.  Poor think hasn't got an once of fat on his body to keep him warm.  He burns every last calorie he consumes.)

Leo thought it was pretty awesome too.

That night John Henry and Lincoln laid out their sleeping bags in the playroom, played the Wii together until an hour past John Henry's bedtime (at which point he could hardly hold his controller) and "camped out" together without having to brave the cold and wet weather.  Leo and I happily slept in our own beds.

Look at that handsome man I married.  My boys LOVE their daddy, and especially love a special night with him.

The boys and I also took an afternoon and checked out Omak Lake.  It's a beautiful lake and the boys had a ball.  

One of Leo's all time favorite snacks is sand.  He was in sun, sand, and water heaven.  Both my boys LUV LUV LUV the water.   I dug him a hole at the edge of the water so he could splash without sliding too far into the lake.  Of course I was never more than 5 feet away from either boy, but it was a good solution so he could still play in the water.

It was a little cool for a day at the beach, about 70*.  However, John Henry is a fish and forgot all about being cold as soon as we got in the water.  

It was a lovely day.  We are looking forward to finding more fun outdoor activities to enjoy as we get further into summer.

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