Monday, February 18, 2013

Etsy GIft Card

I love Etsy.
You love Etsy, too right?

What is your favorite Etsy shop?

Here are a few of mine. . . 
  •  NickNak's Vintage  usually has a good selection of vintage pulls, vintage numbers big and small, and other cool smallish vintage items.
  • charmming is a place I always look for jewelry for my sister.  I LOVE her stuff.  It is antique/vintage inspired. 
  • Oh, Albatross has a nicely curated shop and beautiful photography!  She also makes these adorable and quirky little felt animals. 

Of course, Etsy is more than just buying beautiful things, it serves as one of the most inspiring sources of inspiration too!

I've created a treasury of things I would love to see in my dream vintage farm house.  Here's a screen shot of the treasury.  Aren't there some beautiful things out there?  Click on the image to see the entire treasury.  (Then come back, I have a present for one of you!)

So, I love the conversations that my friends and readers have on facebook.  I love the feedback I get and sharing the crazy things I see while I'm out searching for furniture and items for my shop.  I'd love to see that community grow.  So to help facilitate that growth (aka bribery to get you to share my page with your friends) I'm giving away a $20 gift card to Etsy to one of my friends on my facebook page WHEN I hit 250 'likes'.   We are currently at 203, so only 47 to go! 


  1. So since I already like it, I'm entered right ? ;) -Diana A

  2. Right! But the drawing won't take place until we have 250 'likes' on the facebook page, so share the page and encourage your friends to join us there!


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