Saturday, February 23, 2013

Creating with the Stars

Friends, I NEED YOUR HELP!  Seriously, you know I will rock this!  If you have ever been inspired by any of my projects PLEASE help me get into this contest!  It will help my blog to grow so much more than I can do on my own.  It will mean MORE projects, BETTER projects, BIGGER projects. 

A lot of you know that I've had a hard time loving this house we are in now.  It's a rental and I'm accustomed to owning a home where I can do what ever I want!  I've felt like my creativity was being stifled here, but I've decided that instead I should look at it as a CHALLENGE to my creativity.  I'm hoping that this contest will give me the creative jump start I need to make this house over into a home.

HELP ME OUT!  The project with the most clicks will be the 12th contestant.  While I LOVE Phoebe's dresser, there are some amazing entries.  Let's not leave this to chance. . . LET'S GET OUT THE CLICK!

Steps to vote:
1.  Click HERE (or on the graphic at the top)
2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on my project #152
3.  You'll end up back here, but on the post for Phoebe's Dresser.
4.  Repeat often!

That's it.  They are tracking how many clicks each project gets.

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