Friday, January 11, 2013

The CSI Project

Do you all follow The CSI project?  It is hands down one of my favorite blogs.  Every week is a new challenge, tutorials revolving around that challenge, and one of the best link-ups in the DIY online world.

I'm honored to be judging the entries this week.  Appropriatly, this week's link up is "Best Projects in 2012."  The entries are all ready amazing.  There's still tim

Be sure to check in tomorrow to find out which ones I liked the best!

Here at AHR, we are still trying to get back in the swing of life after the holidays.  An ice storm slowed us down today by canceling my older son's school day.  Ice storms are such strange and beautiful things.  And while I don't appreciate loosing my one kid free morning of the week, or the scraped up knee I got this morning when I slipped on the ice despite my extreme caution, I do appreciate the amazing images they bring.

I took this in my front yard this morning.

BTW- if you don't all ready follow me on Instagram, you should.  That is where I share sneak peeks, random silliness, and awesome vintage finds.  I'm megan_penny there.

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  1. Hi Megan! I wanted to send you a quick note concerning my project. I had forgotten to add the CSI link button last night but just got it put into the post today. I was just afraid I might have been disqualified... eek! I was just really tired last night... anyway, hope you can still check the post. It's the one about the Seahorse Collage :0


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