Monday, January 7, 2013

Lisa's Chair

I don't talk a lot about my personal life here at Apple House Revival, but I have shared quite a bit about myself and my family in other places.  Some of you may know that my younger son was adopted.  I am an adoption advocate, and while I haven't been actively blogging about it for some time, there is a lot of information about adoption on one of my other blogs, Adoption FYI.

We enjoy an open adoption with Leo's birth family.  We love his birth mom and his birth siblings.  We call his birth mom Lisa when we talk about her in online.  It isn't her real name, we use it to protect her privacy because we are so open about our adoption experiences. 

Lisa is trudging through the last few weeks of pregnancy right now.  We are excited to meet the adorable little bundle she is carrying, but after three pregnancies in four years, Lisa's body is less than thrilled with the situation.  In addition, she has an energetic toddler to chase around, well, all you mamas out there know how hard it can be.  Lisa's doctors have told her she needs to take it easy (easy for them to say!)

I wish more than anything I could be there to help her through these last few weeks.  (She lives several states away from us.) One thing I would do if I could is bring her a nice comfy chair and tell her to SIT DOWN!

This is the chair I would bring her. 

Isn't it adorable?  I found it with the corduroy cover all ready over it.  (It was originally leather.)  It needed to be cleaned up a bit, but nothing my steam cleaner couldn't handle.  

 I painted the body a classic creamy white.    I love how it looks with the fabric!

I was heavy handed with the distressing on this one, particularly on the arms.  I wanted the dark wood to show through.  It now looks old and worn and loved.  I feel like she may have cradled many an expecting mama's tired body.

The back pillow is down and the frame supports your body while the soft cushions offer the perfect amount of softness for relaxing.

We love you, Lisa.


Lisa's chair is for sale.  See pricing information on my Portfolio and Available Page. 

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  1. I will keep Lisa in my thoughts and prayers. What an awesome chair. I make up loving histories for my fav finds too.


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