Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Punch List - Front Room

I wish there were cookies to go along with this punch. . .

In order to keep focused on what I want to do I made a list of what I need to do in each room in the upstairs.  (I have a tendency to move from one thing to another aimlessly.  I'm hoping this will help a little bit.  No one noticed that my bathroom sat with half the wall paper stripped for several months, did you?)

It's quite the list.  I thought I'd share one room at a time and include some of my wishes for each room.

Living room:

* hang curtains - I need to finish making the four panels for the front windows.
* buy a  new rug - this has to wait until more funds are available, but I am thinking about having a piece of carpet bound.  My sister had this done and it looks great.

In my dreams one of these rugs would come to live with us.

* paint the mirror frame and hang it properly - Right now it's just sitting on the mantel and it's tilted up to give us a nice view of the ceiling.
* more light - I have some new (to me) lamps that need a little makeover and will hopefully add more light to the room.  Who ever thought it was a good idea to leave overhead lighting out of main living rooms?  This is my third house without overhead lighting in the living room.  It's annoying.  (rant)
* hang pictures  Still not sure what I am going to do here.  I had a large wall full of frames of the boys and my family in the town house.  That's not an option anywhere here.  Also the stark white frames are a little modern for the space.  Maybe more paint.
* find new hutch and paint it - I'll post about this soon.  I really like the one that is here.  There are only two major problems with it.  1.  It needs to be painted  2. It doesn't belong to me so I can't paint it.
* make new pillows for the couches

Here are some pillows that might inspire me to get going on that one.

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  1. I agree about the overhead lighting, I love it. My lovely husband HATES if. What is with that? I love the pillows and rug choices.


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