Thursday, February 3, 2011

Punch List - Dining Room

The main floor of our house looks something like this  (this is not to scale, just to give you an idea.)

You can see that the dining room, living room and kitchen are all one big room.  The closet and pantry are a large box that sit in the middle of the room but do not go all the way to the ceiling which are cathedral height (probably about 15 feet at the peak.)

So when I refer to the living room and the dinning room you can see that they are really one big room that also open up to the kitchen.

So here's the list:

* curtains - Oh the drama I am having over the curtains in this house.  This room has two HUGE picture windows, one on each exterior wall.  I purchased two sets of oatmeal colored curtains to go in this room from the as is section at Ikea (I luv the as is section at Ikea.)  When I got them home they just didn't look quite right.  They needed to be more white or cream.  Well, easy enough, I figured I would just bleach them.  Oh, I should have known it couldn't be that easy.



That's right, they are now a nice spring green.  Sigh.  We think it may have been because we have sulfer in our water.  Anyway, I have a few ideas on how to try to fix it.  So, despite working on the curtains, there are still no curtains in this room.

* get rid of the doors - I removed the doors from a closest and my laundry room and replaced them with curtains.  The doors haven't been moved to storage yet and are still living in my dining room.
* skirt the potting bench - This will be a fun project.  I have an awesome old potting bench that acts as a side board.  I want to skirt the bottom of it so that it is more useful for storage. 
* get rid of strange orange box - there is this strange little cabinet on wheels that was in the house when we got here.  It hasn't been evicted yet.  I'm considering painting it as our land lord told us to just get rid of it.  We'll see.

There isn't a ton to do in this room because there isn't much in it.  I do want to create a tall decorative something to go in the corner between the two windows to help balance out the room, but that will wait until our "new" table and chairs show up!

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