Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You know how curtains are supposed to be really easy to sew.  Well, as we are quickly learning, nothing is going to be easy on us around here.

These simple curtains turned into a major project when we realized that they had to be lined because they were too thin and because they needed to look nice close up from the backside.  The two windows these ladies will adorn look out onto our front porch.

This isn't a great picture because it is pretty difficult to take a photo of something that is blocking the major light source to the room you are standing in.  The colors are not even close.  It gives you an idea, though.

The curtains are lined and finished on both sides with custom bias tape (read, I cut, ironed and sewed for HOURS.)  We also needed to be able to tie them up to keep them from catching on fire in the winter, courtesy of our very ugly base board heaters.  The ribbons were also made (and top sewn down both forever long sides to keep them nice and flat) from the same fabric as the bias tape.  While I will be letting them down as soon as it's warm enough to turn the heaters off, I kind of love them tied up like this right now.  They look like little French Country Girls who are holding up their skirts to keep them out of the spring mud!

They took a long time to make, but I really like how they turned out.  Now I just have to get my act together and make yet ANOTHER set for the window next to this one.

Sigh, just getting curtains in this house has turned out to be such a big job.

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