Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Simple Skirt

I love this old potting bench.  Lincoln thought I was 100% out of my mind when I begged a very good friend to drive 40 min. to pick it up for me.  They both thought I needed to be committed when I said it was going in our house, not in our yard.  It's just one of those pieces that sings to me.

It's a polarizing piece.  Most women LOVE it, most men dislike it.  Thankfully, Lincoln is pretty indulgent when it comes to decorating.  This lovely girl sits in our dinning room.  Yes, she is a girl, and I decided that she needed a new skirt (and I needed some more discrete storage.)

It's everyone's favorite, the drop cloth.  I had a 4'x15' cloth and after I washed and dried it, I simply held it up to the bench to get the right length, then ripped down the entire length of the fabric.  I used the entire length, all 15 feet of it, because I wanted the skirt to be very full.   A few minutes with my staple gun later, and my girl had a lovely new skirt.  I gave her inverted pleats because I love how they look.

 I'm still working on what to display on her.  I'm not in love with the arrangement I have up there now.  I do, however, love these antique pharmacy pots.  And look at that beautiful old chippy finish on my girl.  Isn't she lovely. 

I also like this set of serving spoons.  They aren't old, they were a wedding gift, but I have never polished them (or used them for that matter.)  I LOVE the patina of unpolished sliver.


Whatta ya think?

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