Friday, March 18, 2011

Down with the Door

Let me apologize right off the bat for the less than stellar pictures. There is no natural light in this hallway at all.

I finished up my solution to our weird linen closet.  In this fairly narrow hallway the door on the right leads to the boys' room, the door on the left leads to the guest room.  Some crazy person decided that the linen closet which sits between the two should also have a door on it.  Not a bi-fold door, a regular old bedroom type door.
The contractor had taken it down to install the tile and when they came to put it back up I told them not to bother, I had a better idea.  I had an old twin duvet cover.  It was the perfect length (with a little pooling, which I love.)  I just stapled it right to the molding, again, using inverted pleats because i *heart* them.

To finish it off I made a "fresh linens" sign and nailed it right over the top of the pleats, again, straight to the molding.
Hopefully, one day soon, i will be able to talk our land lord into letting me paint that scary paneling.  We also still need to get the ceiling textured and painted where Link fell through it while prepping the attic for insulation and get the trim back up, but for now, the the fresh curtain and the fresh sign lighten the space and function better than a door blocking another door.

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  1. Cute idea. One thing about the poor light it makes the paneling look gorgeous. I love the curtain look at the end of the what appears to be a very rich reddish wood tone. Good Work!


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