Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Natural Solution

We are still working away at getting our guest bathroom to the spa like state that we want to offer our guests, and like the rest of the house, there are a lot of things that we would choose to change if we owned this house, but can't because we don't.  The ugly 1970's light fixture feel flat into this category.  It's all good, though, because it gets our creative juices flowing and forces us to be inventive instead of just buying something new.

 I spray painted several apple tree branches a creamy white (The branches are from last years new growth that had been recently pruned off.)  Then I bundled them together into two bunches, hot glued them to a scrap piece of 1x3, tied them up with some twine, then hot glued each bundle to the existing light fixture (using the flat part of the 1x3.)

There are CFL bulbs in the fixture, since they do not get very hot, I don't have to worry about the hot glue heating up and releasing its hold.  However, when I want to take them off, I will be able to use my hair dryer to heat the hot glue and remove the bundles.

We were also worried about blocking any light in this bathroom, as it is a rather dark room.  This address that concern nicely.

I'm excited about how this room is coming together.  Just a few more things to do and we will have one room done- even if it is the smallest room in the house, it will still feel good to say that something is finally finished.

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