Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome, Phoebe

So, if you happened to read #18 and #19 of my 100 Things About Me post, you know that I think my sister is pretty awesome.  Together we are a creative whirlwind.  We often work together on projects, despite the fact that we live 800 some miles apart.

It took me years to drag her into the blogging world.  Then we both had kids.  And blogs are like pets.  They get neglected when kids show up. . .

Now that our kids are getting a bit older, and we aren't so sleep deprived, we thought it was about time that the two of us combined our creative forces to make this blog super awesome!

I'm so excited to announce that Phoebe will be joining me on Apple House Revival as a regular blogger.  You may remember that I showed you a little of here amazing house here. 

There's a lot more where that came from.

This is her kitchen.  Just a snap shot, totally un-staged.  Don't you love that tile and the light fixture!

In addition to her beautiful house, she and her husband own a turn of the century home that they rent out as a vacation rental.  So that's TWO beautiful houses full of Phoebe's clean, vintage style!

For those of you in Utah, she is the Queen of KSL classifieds (like craigslist.)   I am always amazed and the treasures she finds (like a cast iron claw foot tub!)

I'm very excited to welcome her to Apple House Revival.  I can't wait to join forces and knock your collective socks off!

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