Wednesday, March 6, 2013

G'morning Sunshine - A Nightstand and a Lamp

I'm not sure this darling should be called a night stand.  I think she is more of a morning stand!  She MIGHT even make you happy to reach over and turn off your alarm clock in the morning.

Certainly you'll go to be smiling as you see her pretty yellow happiness last thing before you switch off your lamp at night.

She is a solid maple reproduction, but a very good one.  She had lost most of her original finish and was happy to get a fun update to bring her back into service.

I rarely paint hardware, but I loved how these fit so nicely on the drawers with the backplate, they just needed to be a different color.  Spray paint isn't an option where I live right now, so I decided to try it.  I think it gives her a nice vintage country look.

I let her borrow my alarm clock (for Ikea if you can believe it!) and my lamp for her photo shoot.  She looked so cute I almost took her back inside and kept her as my own, but my great grandmother's nightstand that matches my tall boy dresser won out.  Sorry, Sunshine.   I'm sure it won't be long before someone snaps you up for their own!

Speaking of my alarm clock and lamp, I haven't shown you my lamp.  I love it.  It's an upcycled old lamp that had some strange plant something in it.  I took it apart, gave it a coat of green paint on the base and center pole, and then filled it about half way with vintage clothes pins.  It makes me happy every night when I turn of the light.


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Miss Sunshine is for sale.  For pricing information see the Portfolio and Available page.


  1. I really like the way this turned out.

  2. So fresh and pretty - love that color! Cute lamp too!


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