Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mary Ann's Rocking Chair

I have never met anyone who loves to rock babies as much as my mom.  She has a nack for getting fussy babies to settle down on her shoulder and then it's just a matter of time until she has them fast asleep.

Personally, I have a great big overstuffed rocking chair in my nursery.  My mom likes the old wooden rockers.  Maybe it's their gentle creak, creak, creak that the newer glider style rockers don't have that melts those babies like butter.  

The cushion on this rocker has springs in it and is very comfortable.  I recovered it in our favorite, never fail, work horse, natural drop cloth fabric.

The body is hard wood.  Someone had attempted to refinish it before me.  It was yet another case of the stain and poly in one gone wrong.  I tried to sand it down, but it was impossible to get between the slats with a sander and I couldn't get enough pressure there with a sanding block or sponge, so paint it had to be.

The first coat is a pale gray, followed by the teal and them highlights in a happy yellow.  It was all distressed very well and then finished off with a dark wax.


Mary Ann's Rocking Chair is for sale.  Please see my Portfolio and Available page for details. 

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