Friday, July 13, 2012

Spray Paint Day

Today is a spray paint day for me.  I thought I'd show you what that looks like.

I gather items that I like the shape of, mirrors, frames and other items I think will look good with an update in my disaster of a garage until I have a good collection of things.  Then I wait for a nice still day (I don't want to spray paint my neighbors' cars) and pull out my three spray painting drop cloths and arrange my collection atop them on my driveway.

This shot is from about half way through my painting.  I rarely know what color I'm going to paint something before this. So I move things around as I paint to be near things that I might want to paint the same color.  There is no real organization.  It depends on the colors of spray paint I have on hand (I usually have a stash of at least 20 cans) and if there are any pieces of furniture I want to paint items to coordinate with.

Spray paint is never the end result for me.  I use it as simply a colored base coat.  When everything is painted, dried and has sat for a few days to off gas the smell, I move the whole shebang inside where I drive Lincoln and myself insane for a few days while I glaze, distress, wash, scrape, clean, paint with a brush until everything is done.  (It is during that stage that we both know why I need both a workshop and a studio.  I am high maintenance in my own strange way, I guess.)

OK, I'm off to paint some more.  It isn't too hot here, but even at 75 degrees and humidity I'm feeling the need to periodically come in, cool off, and drink lots of water.  Those of you in the rest of the country, keep cool and hydrated.

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