Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kiki's Cabinet

One of the dear friends I made in Omak is the adorable and industrious Kiki.   I got an email from her yesterday with some awesome photos.  I asked her if I could share and, happily, she said yes!

She and her daughter picked up this sad hutch at a garage sale for $30.  You gotta love that!

A few alterations, a lot of work, and some paint later, this is what it looked like.

Omak is small community and you often see and meet your neighbors and people that you've bought things from at garage sales.  I hope the person she bought this from was moving away, because I'm afraid they would want it back!  Isn't it awesome!?!

Here it is styled in her house.  The blue canning jars on the top where her inspiration.  The red matches her couch that you can see off to the left there, and the incredible vintage glass in the hutch doors, while it looks green in these photos, is actually classic amber vintage glass and coordinates with the warm golden color on her walls.  

I wish I could see it in person.  My friends in Omak are giving me a lot of reasons to want to come back for a visit!!!  Awesome work, Kiki!  Thanks for letting me share!

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