Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Start

The Apple House has a one acre yard. That, my friends, is a lot of yard.

It seems like an overwhelming amount of yard when you consider that it has been neglected for many many years.

Well, when faced with an overwhelming project, the only way to tackle it is to break it down into smaller bits, so that is what we have done.  We've got a start on our veggie garden, I'll show you more of that when there is something other than dirt to show you.

Next on the list was the steep slope from the back deck down to the back yard.  For some reason in the 33 years this house has stood no one ever bothered to dig steps out of this steep slope.  We have been braving the trail that had been worn there over years and years of use, and all of us have slid down it more than once.

(Sorry I don't have any before pictures of it - the above photos were taken last fall and today was the kind of day that you don't stop to go back for your camera once you get going.)

So, with this picture in mind for inspiration.  

Can you tell I am addicted to succulents?
Isn't this stunning!  I love succulents.

John Henry and I got started.

First we dug out the steps.  That alone was a major improvement.  We can now walk down this slope without the fear of death.

Then we weeded, and weeded, and weeded some more, and YES, this is the AFTER shot.  There's still a lot to go.

Last Saturday we went to help some friends reclaim their once beautiful but long neglected yard at their new home.  They have many large patches of "chicks and hens" and different stone crops.  As payment, I filled up a small box.  You couldn't even tell I had been there.  (Did I mention that I love succulents?)

John Henry and I planted away.

It doesn't look like much now, but I'm hopeful that as these wonderful, amazing little plants take hold and begin to spread that they will keep the stairs from eroding away and make them look beautiful.

John Henry has declared this "his" garden and very happily used his new little watering can to gently water the new baby plants.  It's a good thing that succulents don't really need much care or attention, or I would be worried about this garden.  As it is, I think John Henry will be the perfect gardener for a succulent garden.  Even if he pulls the plants out I just have to tuck them back in and they start to grow again.  :)

Oh, and L.  don't be surprised if you see me out in your yard harvesting another box full of plants.  We still have the bottom half of the stairs yet to go.


  1. You can come grab iris' and hostas from me!

  2. YEAH!!! Look how nice those plants look in your yard! Come get some more! :)


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