Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kan, June, Ja

Meet our newest family memebers, Kan, June, and Ja.

Yes, there are three of them in there.

We told John Henry that he could have a pet kitty when he was completely potty trained.  We weren't too worried about it as he was showing little to no interest in making that change.  Then we went to Utah to visit my family.  We should have guessed that having 12-20 people cheering him on every time he went to the bathroom would be the motivation he needed.  (This also resulted in him telling EVERYONE he meets about going to the potty.  Hello, Mr. Devo!)  In a little over a week he was good to go.

Well, a deal is a deal.  We told him he could have a kitty.  We went to the animal shelter here and were faced with 86 cats.  It was overwhelming for Link and I, John Henry's head was more or less spinning in circles.  We decided to come back the next week.  During the week he had mentioned something about wanting a pet fish.  As Link and I were a little hesitant about adding another mouth to feed/ creature to care for to our family, this little comment caught my attention.  I (in my most innocent mommy voice) asked John Henry if he would rather have a pet fish or a pet cat.  He thought about it for a bit and decided on a fish.  Before he could change his mind we were in the car and at the pet store.

To sweeten the deal we told John Henry he could actually have THREE fish.  He had been telling us that he wanted to name his cat KanJunJa.  (Don't ask, I have no idea where it came from.)  When we asked what he wanted to name the fish he said the same thing.  I asked what he wanted to name the other two and he said he wanted them ALL to be KanJunJa.  We suggested that each of them get a syllable.  He seemed pretty happy with that.  He loves to feed them but is very frustrated that he can't stick his hands in there and play with them.  Yes, we saw that coming, but it's better than getting scratched by a cat.

Because the fish live in my kitchen I decided they needed to have some kitchen related "toys."  Instead of your typical fish bowl fodder they have and ice cream scoop, an egg separator, and and a pasta spoon.  We also went for a glass cookie jar instead of the usual boring fish bowl.  It gave the fish more room and is significantly more asthetically pleasing.

Welcome home Kan, June, and Ja.  I hope John Henry doesn't kill you while I'm not looking. . .

Oh, and for those of you who feel the injustice in what we did (hey, he's only three and trust me he'd be in big trouble if justice was dealt out evenly in our family) we did decide that he could still get a kitty in the spring or summer after we know if we will be staying put or uprooting once again.

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  1. Good job creatively changing animals! ha ha. Fish are easier than cats right now. With everything you have going on in the house that might be a good thing.

    That attic access is crazy scary to get to. Lincoln is good at doing home projects. Lucky for him this house has lots for him. :)


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