Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I love it when someone sees one of my pieces and proclaims it "just exactly what I've been looking for!"

That happened twice last weekend at my last show of the year (thank goodness!)

Since I'm busy recuperating from a flu/cold double whammy, two HUGE shows, and trying to get this family in the Christmas spirit, I thought I'd show them to you together.

The first is this cute chest of basket drawers.  It actually went to live in our cute local fabric store, 3 Layer Quilts to store their scraps.  Perfect, right?

The second is this vintage office chair.  Everything about this chair was still perfect.  Its wheels still rolled smoothly, its turning mechanisms still worked, it just needed a little help in the looks department.  A nice couple knew it would go perfectly at their solid old roll top desk.

I have three other pieces ready to show you, plus pictures from the last two shows, so I'll be back sooner than later.

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  1. Hi Megan! I don't recall how I stumbled across your blog, but oh so cute! I love that chest of baskets. I recently received a Liebster nomination for my blog and have passed on a nomination for you also! See all the details at , where I hope you will be happy to have 'stumbled' across my blog as well!


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