Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Bench

I wanted to donate a small piece of furniture to an auction for a community organization that I belong too.  I didn't have a lot of time before I left for Idaho and Utah to visit my family.  I had just picked up this cute little bench, dug through my stash of fabric, and finally met my goal of painting something yellow!

I love it!

The gray is a lovely decorator fabric that mimics the look of raw silk.  It is a gorgeous charcoal color.   

I had to shoot these photos in mid day light, so they are a bit harsh and the yellow doesn't come through as it truly is, it called Yarrow Yellow from Ace.  It is a bit more on the brown side that it comes across here.  

The under coat is also from Ace.  It is called Chopped Scallions.  

I distressed the underside of the bench more than the sides.  I thought it made an otherwise square piece a little bit more interesting.

I am in Utah visiting my family.  I plan on working on a few pieces while I'm here, but we'll see.  Five kids under the age of five are a force to be reckon with.  I'm loving it, though.  I love being with my sister. 

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